Endoscopy Replacement Parts, Inc.

Newberry, FL

Founded in 1992, Endoscopy Replacement Parts, Inc. (ERPI) creates high quality aftermarket products for repairing rigid and flexible endoscopes. We serve a vast, worldwide market of independent service organizations, surgery centers and hospitals in over 80 countries including Canada, Mexico, all of Western Europe, much of Eastern Europe, throughout East and Southeast Asia, and almost all of South America. We employ 15 people, with 10 of those employees’ job directly dependent on trade, and we owe 65 percent of our sales to international trade.   

Since we started doing business globally, we have been our growth double for several years, and we even received the Small Business of the Year Award in 2016, but we know we can do even more if there were more free trade agreements. If we are able to remove the trade barriers, we will be able to support more customers around the world. We are more confident that our shipments will be processed through customs more quickly and easily because of standardization of the process and trust between countries with free trade agreements. We grade countries for expansion, and a free trade agreement is number four on our list of importance. We have experienced healthy and growing sales from Canada and South Korea due to the current free trade agreement countries.   Lowering the barriers of trade allows for a more confident relationship between seller and buyer of products being delivered on-time. There is a greater respect of intellectual property and enforcement can be easily enacted, if required, to reduce hesitance to enter new markets. We need Washington to focus on building and implementing strong trade agreements so we can create more jobs and be more confident in new markets.

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