Eniva Health

Plymouth, MN

At Eniva Health, we specialize in optimizing health outcomes through high quality, safe and effective wellness products. Located near some of the world’s most prominent medical and research institutions, we are a proud small business manufacturer with just over 40 employees producing goods in Plymouth, Minnesota, and marketing them to the world. Since 1998, we have made more than 100 unique and innovative products to enhance nutrient delivery methodologies for nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements and functional foods in the medical, health professional, fitness and consumer marketplaces.  

We have grown steadily and continue to see significant growth in our sales. International demand has been an important contributor to our company’s success. Currently, our top export markets include China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Malaysia, Russia and Peru, among others. Historically, international business has accounted for roughly 15% of Eniva Health’s total revenues. In the last few years, however, that percentage has increased to approximately 20%. This year we are projecting exports to grow even further to 30% of company sales. The international marketplace presents an opportunity for substantial growth and expansion for Eniva Health. In fact, currently 20% of our workforce – 1 in every 5 employees – is allocated to meet the company’s international demand with plans for additional resources already underway.   

Our ability to sell products internationally enables us to create more jobs to meet demand and grow our U.S. manufacturing. To that end, free trade agreements allow us to price our products competitively in international markets. By reducing costs, tariffs and duties, we are able to compete against companies around the world. NAFTA, for example, has helped to reduce customs barriers and costs for shipping to Canada and Mexico. Without the Agreement, our ability to compete against Canadian and Mexican companies would be seriously jeopardized. Such agreements also help simplify the process of doing international business and reduce the amount of time it takes to work with partner countries. Access to diplomatic contacts, assistance with regulations and a more transparent trading environment all help us to be more effective in the international marketplace.    

It is important that policies in Washington focus on preserving market access for companies like Eniva Health so we can be competitive around the world. For us as a manufacturer, and for the wellbeing of our employees, having the stability and certainty of trade agreements is vital.

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