Euclid Systems Corp

Herndon, VA

Euclid Systems is the manufacturer of the FDA approved overnight Emeraldâ„¢ lens, designed for myopia management. We currently export to all the APEC countries, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan with 95 percent of our sales and revenue thanks to international trade. Euclid has seen a direct 50 percent growth year over year because of exporting, and we can attribute 95 percent of our jobs to trade.   

Since the beginning, we have been focused on doing business internationally because we knew the benefits trade would bring to our company. In fact, we have quadrupled revenues in the 4-5 years just due to exporting alone.   

Eliminating barriers to trade would benefit Euclid and ease the current challenges we are facing as we sell internationally because Washington can help level the playing field for us with our competitors and help overcome the regulatory challenges we face when trying to enter a new market like Japan. We would not be the company that we are today if it was not for trade's positive impact on our job creation and revenue growth.

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