Geotech Environmental Equipment

Denver , CO

Faces of Trade: Geotech Environmental

Geotech Environmental Equipment is a manufacture of environmental equipment to sample and monitor groundwater and to remediate soil and groundwater. If there's oil, gas or diesel spilled in the groundwater we can test and monitor for that, as well as remediate or remove it from the soil and groundwater. We have offices around the United States, and we have an office in Europe in Barcelona, Spain, as well as in Beijing, China. The company was founded in 1978, when the clean water act passed for monitoring and testing for polluted water in the US. The law existed but the products to sample for and clean it up did not exist yet. The industry was created at that point.

We exported to a hundred countries over a four year period, so for us, it’s important to have as many free trade agreements as possible in order to export freely into that country. Fifteen percent of our business is international, and domestically, that allows us to hire about fifteen people. It would be a big impact if our international business went away or was impacted in terms of pricing. And it would have a large impact on local jobs. When we're able to export, we're able to create jobs; for every couple hundred thousand dollars that we're able to export as a company that means a job created here on the floor to manufacture products in America.

Trade is good, we need trade. Everything you see in our production floor cannot be sourced locally. We're reliant on imports of products for things that we just don't make here in the United States. And that's okay, because we’re able to import products, add value to them, create a new product that's unique to us and export that and grow the business. So it makes sense for us as a company; we have to compete on a global basis and so does our supply chain.

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