Gliding Eagle, Inc.

American Canyon, CA

Faces of Trade: Gliding Eagle

Here at Gliding Eagle, we are a California-based technology company providing a cloud and mobile system offering channel transparency and product authenticity for global trade. Our job is to track each individual product from the producer to the end consumer, anywhere in the world. We are partnering with IBM on Blockchain technology to ensure data recorded cannot be modified to build trust among trading parties. The first business application of our technology is to help premium California wineries to authenticate each bottle and to directly deliver wines to end consumers in over 20 countries. The second business application is to authenticate and track each bottle of specialty pharmaceutical drugs from the American manufacturers to designated hospitals in China, for treating cancer patients.    

We were founded in June of 2010 with the single vision to build a better system for global trade. The journey was not an easy one. Only starting in 2015 did we raise enough funding to improve our technology system and to build our team: five people in the U.S., three in China, and one in Europe. Then, we saw our business to direct deliver wine to Chinese consumers started to take off, along with services based on our tracking technology. Currently we work with U.S. based producers especially in premium wine to export to China (mainland and Hong Kong), Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and South Korea and other 15 countries. One hundred percent of the jobs at Gliding Eagle are dependent on international business. Trade is absolutely crucial to our business as it is our business – we are specializing in building a data system for global trade. Because of our international business with Asian countries, revenue derived from Gliding Eagle’s exports is exceeding $2 million for this year alone.   

Our vision is to help any quality producers to deliver their products to willing consumers in just 3 days anywhere in the world, and we need trade to make this vision a reality. We always believe a freer moving trading network between countries will increase global trade. Thus, more free trade agreements will enable more efficient cross-border transactions, and they will help us to achieve our vision for 3-day delivery anywhere in the world. We are hyper-focused on global trade. That is all we do. It would be incredibly helpful for us if Washington focused on lowering trade barriers because our company and our clients could then work more efficiently and be better connected to emerging markets.

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