Huth Ben Pearson International

Hartford, WI

Huth Ben Pearson has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe and tube benders around the world for over 50 years. With our equipment and tooling designed and manufactured in Hartford, Wisconsin, we offer a complete line of benders, end forming machines and precision tooling. Our benders have been utilized in most of the US exhaust muffler chains including Meineke Discount Muffler, Midas, Monro Muffler & Brake, and Vogue Performance Exhaust, just to name a few. Our tooling and tube forming solutions find homes with leading performance tube fabricators like Tesla Motors, American Racing Headers and Cummins Engine.   

We have nearly 25 employees, 90% based in Wisconsin, approximately 20% of whom support our regular exports to more than 10 countries including Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Australia, Sweden, and New Zealand. Free trade agreements, like NAFTA, have been helpful in facilitating our exports to customers overseas. Because our end-users are mostly small businesses, our market is very price sensitive. If tariffs are increased small automotive repair shops, for example will avoid purchasing from us and look to international competitors who benefit from trade agreements. What is most helpful to us in trade policy is less friction and interference, especially in the form of duties and tariffs.   

As a small business, we need trade to grow and expand our business, and small changes in trade policy can mean big changes to our bottom line. Our leaders in Washington should focus on working to eliminate tariffs and preserving preferential and beneficial tariffs rates in the trade agreements we currently enjoy.

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