Marlin Steel Wire Products

Baltimore, MD

Faces of Trade - Marlin Steel Wire Products

Trade is very important to us at Marlin. About a quarter of our employees' annual pay is due to exports. Our exports to Mexico, Canada, and even China, are big business for us and help us support our employees. In fact, 25 percent of Marlin's revenue is because of international trade. But trade has to grow. If there is growth in international trade, we will have more trading clients and partners, which means we'll be able to hire more people and have the opportunity to create new jobs.  

It is imperative that Congress and the White House start to craft bipartisan deals that provide more trading opportunities, so that we can hire more people. Washington needs to realize that every time we get another order overseas, we can hire another unemployed steel worker in Baltimore City. It really matters. Hiring our local talent pulls people up from poverty and into the middle class.    

We ship to 39 nations, but we would like to sell more of our product into other countries. We need to improve our trade deals so that we can grow, hire more people, and have less unemployment in our country. Right now there are many trade barriers such as unreasonable tariffs against American companies that have to be knocked down if we want to experience growth. If Congress and the White House can work together to get rid of these trade obstacles, our clients will be able do more business with us, and as a result, we can grow and hire more people here in Baltimore. The bottom line is that we need to grow jobs in America, and that's going to happen because of trade.  

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