PLIDCO (The Pipeline Development Company)

Westlake, OH

Faces of Trade: PLIDCO

Here at The Pipe Line Development Company (PLIDCO), we manufacture high pressure, high temperature pipeline repair fittings that are used all over the world. International trade is imperative to our business since we export to 70 countries, including Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, China, Japan, and the Middle East. We have approximately 100 employees here in Westlake, Ohio. The ability to do international business is critical to us because 100 percent of the jobs at PLIDCO depend on being able to export.  

Everyone who walks into our company understands the importance of global business. Being that we export 70% of our product all over the world, it is important for us to keep in mind that PLIDCO isn't only a small company in Westlake, Ohio; people all over the world depend on our products to keep the environment safe and their lines running.  

Exporting allowed our business to grow during a domestic economic down turn. It's critical for us to be able to export, and we have witnessed that trade is great for the rest of the world. In five years, our hope is to have five new products that will help our industry, and if Washington could ease on some regulations, we would be able to further grow our business. With global trade comes new jobs and, ultimately, growth.

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