Polyguard Products

Ennis, TX

Faces of Trade Polyguard

Here at Polyguard Products, we manufacture pipeline coating and specialty waterproofing/anti-corrosion products out of Ennis, Texas. Around 2005, we began a serious export effort, which has been very profitable and helpful for our company’s success, and we have experienced a great boom in job creation due to international business. Actually, seven of our jobs at Polyguard are 100% dependent on international business.     Our business sells to over 30 countries each year, including Mexico and Canada, with about 5 percent of our company’s sales being derived from exports. In the future we are hoping to expand to other countries, such as India, South Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, and Colombia. With the association of business between Mexico and Canada, Polyguard’s revenue derived from exports was over $2 million in 2017.   

Having existing trade agreements are extremely helpful to our company. Our products are unique, so all the work on standards and non-tariff barriers is vital to our success. The opportunity to eliminate barriers to trade would benefit our company immensely - our products are of the highest quality, and we know we will continue to have success in the international market if Washington can get rid of the trade barriers and protect NAFTA.  

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