SCD Probiotics

Kansas City, MO

SCD Probiotics is a small business life-sciences company researching, developing and manufacturing natural probiotic products and biochemicals based on the principles of Consortia Probiotics Technology. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, our 30 employees research, design, and manufacture probiotics for a variety of market segments and applications in agriculture, livestock operations, industrial waste treatment and bioremediation, aquaculture, human health, and residential homes and gardens.   

Exporting and international trade is critical to SCD Probiotics’ business success and strategy. We started doing business internationally in 2004, and have since grown to export to more than 20 countries on six continents including South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Fully 80% of our employees are dependent on our international business opportunities, and 75% of our overall company sales are derived from exports. Thanks to exporting, we have consistently added jobs requiring scientific and bio-technical expertise at a rate of 20% each year. In partnership with the Export-Import Bank, we have secured underwriting and assistance to promote our products abroad. Our innovative technology and expert staff are at the core of our success in the global marketplace, and thanks to their hard work we were honored to be recognized in 2013 by the Missouri Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award.    

Free trade agreements have been essential in facilitating the exports of our products to countries around the world. Our clients are motivated to buy more from us if there are fewer monetary and importation barriers.  When we approach new prospects, the fact that a free trade agreement exists with that country helps negotiation and ultimately reach a sale. High tariffs and regulations make our products uncompetitive and gives advantages to foreign competitors. As Washington is examining the impact of trade agreements, we encourage a focus on keeping the benefits of our existing trade agreements and pursuing additional trade agreements which remove tariffs and non-tariff barriers to entry.

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