XPEL Technologies Corp.

San Antonio, TX

XPEL designs, manufactures, and distributes high-performance automotive paint and headlamp protection film technologies. We export to over 50 countries including Canada and Mexico, and over 20% of our employees have jobs that depend on our ability to do international business. We have partnered with U.S. Commercial Services, International Trade Association, and Export-Import Bank in order to learn more about the international market. Since we began exporting in 2002, primarily with Canada at that time, about 40 percent of our company’s revenue is derived from exports.  

Having additional free trade agreements would immensely help increase our international business. NAFTA, for example, has helped us to develop our largest international market in Canada. Australia is now beginning to grow as well due in large part with our free trade agreement there.   Eliminating barriers would make it easier to get our products in the hands of installers internationally. Currently, the cost of film nearly doubles by the time it is shipped and delivered internationally. This makes it even more challenging to develop new market as it poses greater risks. From shipping to customs, expenses accrued can be inconsistent and deter potential customers. That’s why we need Washington’s help. We need our leadership to support free trade agreements so we can expand into new markets more efficiently.

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