We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the Federation Partnership Program. Please select from any of the categories below to view the questions and answers.

Small Business Member Benefits

What benefits do my small businesses receive by being signed up for the program?
By signing up your small business members for the Federation Partnership Program, they have access to many U.S. Chamber member benefits and services, including:

  • Product and service discounts to affinity partners such as FedEx and MetLife;
  • Resources with how-to information on topics ranging from healthcasre to taxes;
  • Subscriptions to U.S. Chamber online properties CO—, Midnight Oil, and Above the Fold;
  • Legislative alerts notifying them of pressing policy initiatives based on issue interest;
  • Access to U.S. Chamber Virtual Events

Is there a fee to our organization or our small business members for this partnership?
Members of the U.S. Chamber pay no additional fee to join the Federation Partnership. In order for the partnership and benefits to continue, your organization must maintain your membership with the U.S. Chamber and your small business members must maintain their membership with your organization. We will never upsell your members for a paid membership. You are our partner in this program.

What is the value of U.S. Chamber membership for small business members?
Small business membership dues to the U.S. Chamber start at $250. Small business members also receive significant discounts on events, publications, and other special offers.

Small Business Membership & Eligibility

What are the U.S. Chamber's eligibility criteria for small businesses?
Businesses must meet the following criteria to become a small business federation member:

  • Have a total annual revenue below $10 million;
  • Cannot be a current paying U.S. Chamber member;
  • Cannot be a government organization, trade association, chamber of commerce, or publicly-funded organization; and
  • Must have a complete address, contact first and last name, and email address on your membership roster when submitted.

Some of our members may be dues-paying members of the U.S. Chamber. Can they stop their paid membership and take advantage of this opportunity?
Paid U.S. Chamber membership includes certain additional benefits that are not included in the Federation Partnership Program membership and therefore, members are not included in this program. If a small business is a paid member, we hope that they already recognize the value of their membership. However, if a small business decides not to renew at their next renewal date, they would have the opportunity to become a federation member through this program.

How does the U.S. Chamber obtain revenue information to determine eligibility?
Membership lists are put through an automated process that appends annual revenue. The appended information is culled from a national database, which cross-references businesses' tax information. Additionally, SIC codes are appended to identify government entities and other non-profits that are not eligible to participate in this small business program. It is important to note that you do not need to include revenue or SIC information in your list submission.

Important Note: For franchise businesses submitted in your membership list, the append process uses federal tax information provided by that company. Revenue appended (corporate vs. franchise) will depend on how the businesses' taxes were filed. If the corporate affiliates' tax information was used, the franchise business may not qualify for U.S. Chamber membership under this program's criteria.

Will I know the reason why a member was deemed ineligible?
Yes, ineligible reason codes will appear next to ineligible records in the member data management system.

Can I exclude a business that does not want a U.S. Chamber membership from this program?
You are welcome to omit any members that may not want to receive a U.S. Chamber membership.

How long does it take for a newly added member to go through the eligibility process?
All member updates will go through processing at the end of each week. Check the system again mid-week to view your new members.

How does a member cancel their U.S. Chamber membership?
Your organization can cancel the members' U.S. Chamber membership on their behalf in the online data member management system.

Who should my members contact with questions about their U.S. Chamber membership?
Small business members can call the U.S. Chamber's dedicated customer service line at 1-800-638-6582 or e-mail membership@uschamber.com.

Member Data Management System

What is required of me to maintain the program?
It is suggested you update your membership data frequently to maintain the integrity of data and ensure lapsed members don’t continue to receive benefits. If you are a WebLink user, you may do so easily by syncing your membership database with the Federation Partnership database. If you are not a WebLink user, the online member management system allows you to upload updated membership rosters. Visit www.uschamberfederation.com to get started.

Will I be able to update my members' contact information (i.e. address, company name, etc.)?
Yes. Your organization may update your members' contact information as part of the new roster uploads, or on an individual basis by logging into www.uschamberfederation.com.

Can partners reinstate dropped members?
Yes, partners can re-submit dropped members who rejoined their organizations by simply adding that member in the system as a new member/record. The member will then be sent through the eligibility process again.


Do my members need to sign up to receive U.S. Chamber e-mails?
Eligible small businesses are automatically enrolled to receive select U.S. Chamber e-mails and may opt-in to additional communications.

Some of our members have asked that we not send communications to them via e-mail (or they do not have e-mail at all). How can they still take advantage of these U.S. Chamber benefits?
First note that we will never sell your e-mail addresses to any other organization—it’s against our bylaws. That being said, this is an electronic-communication driven program. Much of the information and resources we have available for you and your members is digital, so e-mail is the best way to direct your members there. In addition, speed is essential when it comes to grassroots action.

Therefore, we do not provide any special services to those members that have not provided their e-mail address. Members will not receive the full value of the program without the opportunity to receive e-communications.

Will we and our small businesses be locked into the political positions of the U.S. Chamber?
No. You and your members have the option to opt-out of e-communications based on issue interest. If you members do not wish to be members of the U.S. Chamber at all, they do always have the option to opt-out completely.

We have some key members that offer competitive services to the services offered through your affinity partners. Can we select only some of your partners to mail to our members?
Contractually, all of our affinity partners are given the opportunity to mail to all members of the U.S. Chamber. These mailings are not co-branded (unlike the e-communications) and are only affiliated with the U.S. Chamber—not your organization. (Note: This may actually spur your key companies to offer competitive prices to your members.) Our discounts are simply another offering and another benefit available to your small business members.

Why are my members not receiving U.S. Chamber e-mails?
If a member is not receiving e-mails from the U.S. Chamber, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your organization's membership list has not yet been processed.
  • Your organization's new member list has not been recently submitted.
  • Your member(s) may not have an e-mail address.
  • Your member(s) e-mail address may have changed or is undeliverable.
  • Some of your members may not be eligible, and therefore will not receive U.S. Chamber e-mails.
  • Your members' spam filters may be withholding U.S. Chamber e-mails (please encourage members to add e-mails from uschamber.com addresses to their safe lists).

Encourage your members to send their e-mail address and other contact information changes to your organization so you can refresh your member database and the online data management system.

How will my newly eligible small businesses be informed of their complimentary U.S. Chamber membership and benefits?
You deserve the credit! Customize the launch announcement email (found in our user guide) and send it out to your eligible federation members to let them know that their complimentary membership to the U.S. Chamber is on its way.

Partner Resources

How can I promote U.S. Chamber benefits to my members and prospects?
A one-pager outlining the benefits of complimentary small business membership is available for download here.