Enterprising States

The greatest challenge we face as a nation is reviving our economy, restoring the more than 7 million jobs lost during the recession, and creating the 13 million new jobs our growing nation will need this decade.

The Enterprising States study focuses on what makes certain states attractive places to locate, relocate and expand, the unintended consequences of cutting certain items from a state budget, and the types of investments the public and private sectors can make now to improve the economy for the future.


Small Business Economic Outlook Surveys
Every quarter, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce releases the results of its Small Business Outlook Survey. The quarterly surveys are designed to track the small business community’s outlook on their business, the local economy, and the national economy over time. Small business owners are polled nation-wide, and respondents include U.S. Chamber members and non-members.

Free Enterprise Surveys
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce fielded four surveys to explore American perceptions of free enterprise and the impact they believe the American free enterprise system has both on national prosperity and individual opportunity.

High School Juniors and Free Enterprise
In an effort to better understand where these knowledge gaps exist, Junior Achievement, in partnership with the National Chamber Foundation, commissioned Harris Interactive to research high school juniors’ understanding of the free enterprise system and entrepreneurship, and how those systems impact job creation.

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