Gayle Jagel

CEO and Founder, Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Gayle Jagel, Founder of The Young Entrepreneurs Academy, an innovative, entrepreneurial, non-profit, educational program for middle and high school students, teaching how to make a job- not just take a job! She founded the program in 2004, earned the support of the Kauffman Foundation, and in 2008 she “spun-off” the program, expanded YEA! nationally to 38 states, and continues to expand across America.

Jagel was herself a young achiever and entrepreneur.  At 19, Jagel organized the Centennial for Liberty celebration benefiting the Statue of Liberty restoration, recognized by Lee Iacocca.  At 25, Jagel launched Rochester Delivers, an upscale multi-restaurant delivery service.  She published DiningIN Rochester, an award-winning magazine.

The 2014 Enterprising Women Advocacy Award winner, Jagel serves as a member of Women's Leadership Council, is on the Board of the Small Business Council and also serves as a Member of the WXXI/LTFS PBS Board of Trustees. Jagel served on the Board of Women’s Council, an affiliate of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, and is often sought after for her views on entrepreneurship and motivating young people. Originally from Boston, and a parent of three aspiring entrepreneurs, she now lives in Rochester, NY with her husband Chris.