Commonsense immigration reform would boost economic growth, create jobs, and spur innovation and entrepreneurship. And it would renew America's legacy of being an open and welcoming country where anyone who works hard can achieve his or her dreams.

Our Priorities

Throughout our history, America has had the opportunity to grow and thrive because we have attracted and welcomed the most talented and the hardest working people to our shores. But today our immigration system is broken and failing to meet the needs of our society, our economy, our businesses, and our workers.

To help advance reform, the Chamber's Employment Policy division is a leader in a broad coalition of supporters that spans industries and includes labor, law enforcement, the faith-based community, and ethnic organizations. The Chamber is committed to working with Congress and the administration to implement commonsense immigration reforms. 


Reforming immigration policy to encourage economic growth and job creation in the U.S.
  • Protect Dreamers, TPS recipients, and employment-authorized H-4 dependent spouses from losing their work authorization. 
  • Enact much-needed improvements to our nation’s border security efforts. 
  • Seek cap increases and other reforms to employment-based visa programs to provide employers with the ability to meet their workforce needs in a timely manner. 
  • Encourage oversight of administrative actions that hinder the ability of employers to hire or continue employing legal immigrant workers. 
  • Promote international tourism to the U.S. by extending Visa Waiver Program membership to critical U.S. allies, expanding Global Entry and other Trusted Traveler programs, and increasing the number of U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at our nation’s ports of entry to make the inspection process for all travelers more efficient. 

Part of the America Works Initiative

Helping your company and our country solve our workforce challenges.


Recent Activity

CommentJun 01, 2021 - 5:00pm

Comments to DOL Office of Foreign Labor Certification on Determining Prevailing Wages Levels for the Temporary and Permanent Employment

Comments re: Request for Information on Data Sources and Methods for Determining Prevailing Wages Levels for the Temporary and Permanent Employment of Certain Immigrant and Non-Immigrants in the United States

ReportJun 01, 2021 - 8:30am

The America Works Report: Quantifying the Nation's Workforce Crisis

Businesses are increasingly saying they are unable to hire the workers they need to make their products and provide their services.

ReportJun 01, 2021 - 8:30am

The America Works Report: Industry Perspectives

  EnergyAmerican Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers Adam Ali, Manager of Workforce Development 

Press ReleaseJun 01, 2021 - 8:00am

U.S. Chamber Launches Nationwide Initiative to Address National Worker Shortage Crisis and Help America’s Employers Fill Jobs

New research shows worker shortage slowing the recovery across states and industries; Chamber calls for eliminating barriers to work, deeper investment in skills training, and visa increases

Letters to CongressMay 26, 2021 - 9:15am

U.S. Chamber Letter on the Nomination of Ur Mendoza to be Director of USCIS

This Hill letter was sent to the Members of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, supporting the nomination of Ur Mendoza Jaddou to be the Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

CommentMay 19, 2021 - 8:15am

Comments to USCIS on Identifying Barriers Across Benefits and Services

Samantha Deshommes Regulatory Coordination Division Chief Office of Policy and Strategy U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Press ReleaseApr 22, 2021 - 12:30pm

U.S. Chamber Praises the Bicameral ‘Bipartisan Border Solutions Act of 2021’

“We applaud Senator Cornyn, Senator Sinema, Representative Cuellar, and Representative Gonzales for their leadership in introducing the Bipartisan Border Solutions Act of 2021. The sharp increase in the number of individuals crossing our southern border and the severe overcrowding at our nation’s border facilities present a set of circumstances that Congress cannot ignore. Our leaders need to address this pressing situation, and the only way that meaningful policy changes will be enacted is if Republicans and Democrats work together to achieve those results for the American people."

CommentApr 21, 2021 - 10:45pm

Comments to DOL on Strengthening Wage Protections for the Temporary and Permanent Employment of Certain Aliens in the United States:

Administrator Brian Pasternak Office of Foreign Labor Certification Employment and Training Administration U.S. Department of Labor

ArticleApr 14, 2021 - 4:00pm
Customers paying for wine to a bartender.

The Chamber Isn’t a Political Party. Every Day We Fight for Job Creators.

The Chamber is on the side of job creators, workers, and those working hard for a stronger economy and country.

Press ReleaseMar 18, 2021 - 7:45pm

U.S. Chamber Praises House Passage of Immigration Legislation

“Both the American Dream and Promise Act and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act are critically important to the business community. For years, Washington has spent time bickering about immigration and letting huge problems go unaddressed. Today’s votes are steps in the right direction towards solving some of our nation’s pressing immigration challenges. The U.S. Chamber is committed to ensuring these proposals are passed in the U.S. Senate and signed into law.”