Investing in America’s infrastructure is critical to our economic recovery, prosperity and quality of life. The longer our elected leaders wait to pass legislation, the more our roads, bridges, and highways will deteriorate.


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Progress is being made on Capitol Hill, with the Senate passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on a bipartisan basis. 

This much-needed infrastructure legislation will create millions of jobs, improve global competitiveness, and add trillions of dollars in economic growth through investment in roads, bridges, ports, airports, transit, rail, water and energy infrastructure, access to broadband, and more. 

The House now needs to pass this bipartisan legislation so it can be signed into law without delay. Read more from our President and CEO Suzanne Clark.

See what the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will provide your state for highway programs, bridge replacement and repairs, public transportation, broadband, and more.


Infrastructure is not a partisan issue – it’s an American priority.



Recent Chamber Actions Supporting Passage of Infrastructure Legislation:

  • January 2021: Launched Build by the Fourth of July initiative with over 300 national and local organizations
  • February 2021: Launched Brent Spence Bridge campaign with state and local chambers
  • February 2021: Hosted Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) during our inaugural Common Grounds event series to discuss bipartisan solutions to infrastructure investment
  • June 2021: Joined Business Roundtable and the National Association of Manufacturers leaders in a joint statement urging Congress and the Administration to continue bipartisan negotiations
  • July 2021: Launched and led the Coalition for Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment, consisting of over 100 business, labor and public policy organizations 


Roads, Bridges, and Transit
  • Enact changes to ensure that there is sufficient dedicated revenue to maintain the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund. 
  • Enact a long-term infrastructure modernization bill.
  • Other Infrastructure Including Air, Sea, Rural Broadband, Energy, and Water 
  • Provide a toolkit of options for supplemental funding and financing of other critical infrastructure, including through public-private partnerships, dedicated user fees, and revolving loan programs.
Permitting and Regulatory Reform 
  • Continue to streamline the federal permitting process, including the use of concurrent reviews and time limits for agency decisions. 
  • Encourage similar permitting reforms at the state and local levels. 
  • Oppose efforts to reregulate transportation industries.
Infrastructure and Transportation Workforce 
  • Highlight workforce shortages in the infrastructure and transportation sectors and push for regulatory reforms and skills programs to address these shortages. 
  • The U.S. Chamber continues to promote and enact policies to ensure that U.S. capital markets are the fairest, most efficient, and innovative in the world.

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