Publications and Reports

Understanding U.S.-China Decoupling: Macro Trends and Industry Impacts

Comparing the Costs of U.S.-China Deglobalization

Assessing The Costs Of Tariffs On The U.S. ICT Industry: Modeling U.S.-China Tariffs

Made in China 2025: Global Ambitions Built on Local Protections

Cultivating Opportunity: The Benefits of Increased U.S.-China Agricultural Trade

Preventing Deglobalization: An Economic and Security Argument for Free Trade and Investment in ICT

The report examines threats to the global economy from emerging policies restricting open trade and investment in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector and attempts to quantify their impact.

Competing Interests in China's Competition Law Enforcement: China's Anti-Monopoly Law Application and the Role of Industrial Policy

From International to Interstates: Assessing the Opportunity for Chinese Investment in U.S. Infrastructure (Chinese Version)

From International to Interstates: Assessing the Opportunity for Chinese Investment in U.S. Infrastructure

The report assesses the opportunities for Chinese investment in U.S. infrastructure, identifies the benefits and complexities of pursuing such investment opportunities and provides practical advice for potential participants.

The Case for Enhanced Protection of Trade Secrets in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

The paper presents the case for why enhanced legal protections for trade secrets should be elevated on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agenda. The report also examines recent cases of trade secret theft and the remedies available in the TPP countries to combat trade secret theft.

China’s Utility Model Patent System: Innovation Driver or Deterrent

The report provides an assessment of China’s utility model patent system and its ability to contribute to China’s pursuit of creating an innovative society. It also provides a comparison with similar systems in other countries and recommends changes the Chinese government could adopt model for the benefit of both domestic and foreign users.

China's Approval Process for Inbound Foreign Direct Investment
The report includes a detailed analysis of China’s inbound FDI approval process and discusses implications for U.S. companies related to market access, national treatment, and transparency in China.

Faces of Chinese Investment in the United States
This report profiles successful Chinese investments in the United States and contains concrete, practical information and advice from senior executives of Chinese companies, such as China Telecom, Haier & Lenovo.
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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Economic Development in China: Implications for Business
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Asia Department and National Chamber Foundation are pleased to announce the release of a ground-breaking report in English and Chinese that documents the history, assesses the current state, and projects the future trends of CSR in China.  The report highlights the increasingly competitive Chinese CSR environment and the rapidly evolving CSR work of multinational and Chinese companies. 
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China's Drive for 'Indigenous Innovation': A Web of Industrial Policies