About the Global Initiative on Health and the Economy

Disease is poised to inflict an immense toll on global economic growth. In developed and developing countries alike, the incidence of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes has rapidly increased, claiming 63% of all deaths. These diseases occur mostly in adults, hitting workers in their prime years of productivity—creating long- term chronic conditions, withdrawal from the workforce, diminished family resources, and early death.

To help address this challenge, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched the Global Initiative on Health and the Economy in 2015 to establish multi-stakeholder partnerships in the fight against chronic disease. The Global Initiative on Health and the Economy builds a unique forum that engages finance, trade, planning, and health ministries in partnering toward improved health goals by promoting innovative health strategies.

The work complements existing programs by sector-specific associations and non-government groups by elevating the relationship between health and economic competitiveness at the most senior levels of government.  Through the Chamber’s global platform, we seek to advocate for business as a partner in identifying competitiveness solutions at international forums as well as convene specific in-capital outreach programs in key markets. These efforts are undertaken in cooperation with local business associations and health care communities. 

The initiative has three flagship markets for 2017: Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Indonesia. We work in six other markets including China, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Korea, and Colombia.