Global Connect

Internationally, Global Connect drives policy development on digital economy issues including (1) Data protection and privacy (2) Cybersecurity (3) Cloud computing and cross border data flows (4) Regulatory frameworks for emerging technologies (5) Trade and investment rules for the digital economy (6) Forced localization policies (7) Local content requirements and technology transfer.  Global Connect addresses these issues through three distinct initiatives: 
Project Security advocates for a flexible, risk-based approach to cybersecurity that leverages international standards and enables the private sector to develop solutions that address specific cyber needs and scale them across national borders. 
Project Privacy develops and advances data protection and privacy policies that make sense for consumers and businesses by engaging with policy makers, privacy regulators and industry leaders bilaterally and multilaterally to shape privacy law.
Project Data Driven Innovation (DDI) develops and promotes best practices and policies in response to the rapid advancement of the digital economy thanks to emerging technology and big data.  DDI also works with policymakers to achieve an appropriate balance between responding to the disruptive nature of these technologies and fostering continued data-driven economic growth.