International Investment

International Investment

Investment policy should support open and competitive markets, but government action can distort investment flows and limit investment opportunities. The U.S. Chamber opposes policies that impede foreign investment, such as questionable regulatory reviews and caps on the amount of foreign direct investment allowed.
The GRC’s efforts support these goals:
  • An open and competitive global climate for investment around the world, including in the United States.
  • Safeguards against inappropriate, market-distorting, government-led, or directed investment.
  • National security reviews of investments that are conducted in a transparent, systematic, and expeditious manner, with a focus on strictly defined national security criteria.
  • Elimination of preferential treatment, subsidies, or terms offered by governments that undermine an open, competitive marketplace for investment.
  • Removal of inappropriate investment barriers on foreign ownership.
  • Further development and promotion of additional U.S. bilateral investment treaties that include an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism.