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The Case for TPP

The TPP presents myriad opportunities for the United States to continue its decades-long leadership in trade. With the future success of so many American jobs and industries at stake, the Chamber has launched a 12-part series making the case for TPP’s approval this year. Read more here.

Why America Needs The TPP

U.S. economic growth and job creation depend on our ability sell American goods and services to the 95% of the world’s customers living outside our borders — particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Yet other countries’ high tariffs and other trade barriers increasingly bar the door to made-in-USA goods and services. The solution is the Trans-Pacific Partnerhip (TPP).

    U.S. Economy Wins With The TPP

    A study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics estimates the TPP will increase annual real incomes in the United States by $131 billion and boost annual exports by $357 billion by 2030, when the agreement is nearly fully implemented.
    A separate Peterson Institute study estimates the benefits of the TPP “are more than 100 times the costs” and will be widely shared.
    • FAIRNESS. The TPP is our best opportunity to level the playing field for American workers, farmers, ranchers, and companies by sweeping away more than 18,000 tariffs — taxes on U.S.-produced manufactured goods and agricultural products — and a thicket of other trade barriers.
    • ACCESS. The TPP is our chance to access to booming Asia-Pacific markets where 2 billion people have joined the middle class over the last two decades. That number is expected to rise by another 1.2 billion by 2020. These people represent potential customers with an appetite for U.S.-made products.
    • ACCOUNTABILITY. Built on accountability, The TPP has new rules and enforcement tools to protect U.S. intellectual property, foster the digital economy, and end the favoritism afforded to state-owned enterprises by some TPP governments.
    • LEADERSHIP. The TPP lets America help raise the standards for trade in the 21st century before others do so without us. The number of trade accords between Asian countries surged from three in 2000 to more than 50 today. Some 80 more are in the pipeline. Meanwhile, the United States has just three trade agreements in Asia. America risks being left behind without the TPP.

    Show Your Support for The TPP

    A longtime supporter of the TPP, the Chamber is working hard to urge Congress and the administration to support this trade agreement. You can do your part too by writing your members of Congress and encouraging them to support the TPP.

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    The TPP has received some unfair criticism from politicians, legislators and trade opponents. We break down the myths and facts about TPP here.

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