Middle East Commercial Center (MECC)

Middle East Commercial Center (MECC)

The Middle East Commercial Center (MECC) is a private sector-led alliance of business leaders from across the region working together to promote greater intra-regional trade and investment and collectively address today’s most critical economic challenges and opportunities. Through this coalition, we have created a sustainable mechanism for ongoing collaboration to advance projects and promote public policies that contribute to greater business connectivity in the region.

The Structure of the MECC

National Steering Committees have been established in across the region. They work to monitor and drive the direction of the MECC’s activities across all of the key focus areas in each country.

Five Task Forces have been established to address the challenges in these key focus areas: Movement of Goods & Market Access, Special Economic Zones, Women in Business, Entrepreneurship Development, and Natural Resource Cooperation. Other areas that the MECC will explore include Tourism, Palestinian Economic Development, and Education.

An International Board of Advisors, composed of leading figures in private enterprise and former government officials, helps to guide the MECC and provide outside perspective on the MECC’s goals.

Please check out this video, filmed at the launch of the MECC in February 2014 at the Dead Sea in Jordan, for more information about the MECC’s mission.


Welcome to the Middle East Commercial Center (MECC)


To learn more about the structure of the MECC, check out our 2014 Mid-Year Report.