U.S.-Israel Business Initiative

Launched in the fall of 2010, the U.S.-Israel Business Initiative is the only Washington-based national program focused on advancing the business partnership between the United States and Israel. The initiative, which propels our alliance into one of the world’s strongest innovation-based commercial relationships, is an important voice, advocate, and platform for the bilateral business relationship between these two countries.

The mission of the U.S.-Israel Business Initiative is to advance the U.S.-Israel commercial relationship by driving the bilateral economic dialogue, compelling a proactive policy agenda, establishing working groups at the forefront of commercial issues, addressing topics with timely events, and deepening bilateral commercial ties. It ensures that this aspect of the relationship is equivalent to that of our policy and security alliances. The Initiative works towards these goals through policy development, grassroots and grasstops education, U.S. administration and congressional outreach, and partnerships in Israel.

For more information on membership and member benefits, visit www.usisraelbusiness.com