About the U.S.-Turkey Business Council

Turkey Skyline featuring skyscraper buildings

The U.S.-Turkey Business Council (USTBC) and the American-Turkish Council (ATC) combined is the premiere for dialogue and engagement between American and Turkish business and government decision-makers. Through the Council, American and Turkish companies collaborate to establish partnerships and advocate for economic, legal, and political policies that expand bilateral trade between the United States and Turkey, open new markets to foreign direct investment, and create employment opportunities in both countries.



The Council leads advocacy efforts to create an environment conducive to economic growth, foster commercial opportunities, and encourage and enable private sector investment in Turkey.

Communication Platform

The Council seeks to establish several modes of communication by generating discussions between both the U.S. and Turkish governments. The Chamber regularly hosts high-profile events and policy forums to encourage further dialogue on challenges and opportunities for both the public and private sectors. The Council primarily focuses on identifying potential partners for small and medium-sized exporters, advocating for preferential access of Turkish goods into the U.S. market, revising the bilateral investment treaty and defending intellectual property rights.

Access to Information

Turkey is a burgeoning center for the information technology, healthcare, tourism, energy and education industries. Moreover, Turkey is well positioned to serve as a hub for business engagement in third countries. The Council works to examin and educate American companies about investment opportunities in Turkey and its region through economic impact studies.

Business Expansion

The Council devotes significant attention and resources to advocating for the needs of our member companies. Our initiative helps the American business community navigate through the nuances of Turkish policy and expand business opportunities within the country. Additionally, Turkey is a premiere tourist destination with a dynamic economy ready for trade and investment. The Council serves as a key advocate to expand both the American and Turkish marketplace.