Our program professionals bring a broad range of private sector, government, international development and NGO experience in support of member business objectives. We have built strong relationships at the highest levels of business and government throughout the Middle East and Turkey. Our staff is uniquely positioned to provide strategic counsel to member companies to help them advance their long-term business agendas. For more about the leaders that comprise our team, please click on the biographies below.

Our Staff


Senior Vice President, Middle East and Turkey Affairs
Vice President, Middle East Affairs
President, U.S.-Iraq Business Council 
Executive Director, U.S.-Egypt Business Council
Office: (202) 463-5830
Executive Director, U.S.-Bahrain Business Council
Executive Director, U.S.-Turkey Business Council
Executive Director, U.S.-Kazakhstan Business Council
Senior Director, Middle East Affairs
Office: (202) 463-5852
Josh Kram  |  bio
Executive Director, Middle East Affairs
Office: (202) 463-5823
Sarah Karle 
Director, Middle East Affairs 
Office: (202) 463-5781  
Liz Clark
Manager, Middle East Affairs 
Office: (202) 463-5484
Ruya Kor
Manager, Turkey and Central Asia Affairs 
Office: (202) 463-5650
Anna Burress
Manager, Middle East Affairs 
Office: (202) 463-5719


Dilek Burduroglu