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Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 10:00am
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The Chamber views broadband as a means to stimulate jobs and foster economic growth.  Businesses, regardless of size or location, can use broadband technology to sell to customers around the country and the world.  Jobs and new business opportunities are being created because broadband providers are investing tens of billions of dollars every year to upgrade their networks allowing for higher speeds and greater capacity, and, at the same time, innovative broadband-enabled applications, services, and devices are being developed.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous today and consumers increasingly expect to receive information immediately no matter where they are located.  Consequently, wireless carriers are continuously investing in network upgrades, and at the same time, innovative mobile broadband-enabled applications, services, and devices are being developed.


  • Oppose applying old monopoly telephone rules to new broadband networks. 
  • Support public-private partnerships to spur broadband deployment and adoption across the United States.
  • Support efforts to streamline zoning laws for broadband infrastructure, including cell towers and antennas.   

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