Infrastructure Index Project: Measuring the Relationship between Infrastructure and the Economy

Sunday, August 5, 2012 - 8:00pm

U.S. infrastructure – transportation, energy, broadband and water systems – forms the physical platform of the United States' $13 trillion economy. Some of these systems are outdated, overwhelmed, and, in some places, literally falling apart. Others need continued investment for expansion and upgrades to meet increased demand.

What is the Infrastructure Index Project?
In order to raise the profile of the challenges facing the nation's infrastructure and generate support from government decision-makers and thought leaders, the Chamber is creating tools to communicate the consequences of inaction through this exciting, groundbreaking project. The ultimate deliverables are:

Four Sector Indexes. This first ever effort to define and measure infrastructure performance from the business community's perspective will generate transportation, energy, broadband, and water indexes reflecting performance of these systems over time.

Composite Infrastructure Index. A combination of the four sector indexes, will reflects the overall performance of U.S. infrastructure over time and be the only known systemic look across multiple sectors that recognizes their interconnections.

Economic Relationships. A unique analysis showing how infrastructure performance correlates to GDP growth, rather than using total spending on construction and operations as the measure of economic impact.

Project Timeline
The project is being conducted in two phases. The purpose of the Initiation Phase was to develop the technical foundation for the project and create a prototype transportation index. It was completed in February 2010. The Completion Phase is currently underway and will conclude in early 2011.

Initiation Phase Report
The Report provides a detailed account of the Initiation Phase, including the challenges that lie ahead, and previews the roadmap for completing the project.

How Your Organization Can Be Involved
We need your help to make this project a success. The Chamber is hosting workshops around the country to understand how the business community uses infrastructure to keep costs low, be competitive, and grow.