Financing Growth Toolkit

Businesses in every community rely on their strong partnerships with banks and other financial institutions to grow, manage risk, and weather downturns. Washington politicians and regulators are imposing regulations and other standards that will inhibit the ability of local banks and other financial services companies to service those very businesses that depend on them.  The U.S. Chamber is working together with local and state Chambers of Commerce across the country to educate Washington on the growing impact of financial regulations.

Join the campaign today to ensure businesses have access to the tools and services they need and that financial institutions can #FinanceGrowth. Below are a few ways your organization can get involved.

Join the Coalition Letter: Join hundreds of Chambers calling on Congress and federal regulators to consider the implications of these regulations for Main Street companies and their adverse impact on economic growth. Use the link below to add your organization as a signatory to this important letter by September 26 to highlight for policymakers the breadth of concern from local communities across the country.

Host an Event: Representatives from the U.S. Chamber will join you and your members to discuss the impact of regulations on your members’ ability to access the credit and equity needed to promote growth in your community, city, town or state. This turnkey educational roundtable provides an opportunity to educate your members on a complicated set of issues, while giving them an opportunity to share their first-hand experiences.

Encourage Members to Submit a Testimonial: The U.S. Chamber is collecting anecdotes that showcase business success stories that were aided by the financial services industry. Whether it was seed capital to open for the first time or a line of credit to build inventory or a short term loan to keep the lights on, businesses rely on community banks, global institutions, insurance companies, etc. We believe that without access to diverse financial services, businesses of all sizes would suffer and towns across the country would look very different.

Promote Small Business Credit Survey to Members: The New York Federal Reserve Bank is looking for partners to drive participation in their annual survey of small businesses’ ability to access and obtain credit.  Partners will receive access to a benchmark analysis detailing the current state small business financing. The U.S. Chamber encourages Chambers to become a partner as the final data and reports will aid in future policy and regulations.