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Show the Impact, Starting at the Local Level: Document and communicate the cumulative impact of regulation, including the ability of companies small and large to access the financial services they need to grow their business and manage their financial risks.



Main Street Impact Stories

Whether it was seed capital to open for the first time or a line of credit to build inventory or a short term loan to keep the lights on, businesses rely on community banks, global institutions, insurance companies, etc. We believe that without access to diverse financial services, businesses of all sizes would suffer and towns across the country would look very different. Click here to read stories from main street companies about the benefits of the nexus between Main Street and financial institutions.

More than 120 local Chambers of Commerce call for fix to "one size fits all" system that harms bank customers

Over 120 local Chambers of Commerce and business organizations from across the country, led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, joined in a letter to all members of Congress calling for the legislative branch to urgently reduce the regulatory burden on local banks. The letter, signed by organizations in nearly all 50 states, shows the widespread impact the regulatory regime imposed on banks if having on Main Street economic growth and calls on Congress to address these concerns by fixing the rigid “one size fits all system” that harms small, medium, and regional banks, and their customers. 

Chamber Testifies regarding Impact of Capital Margin Requirements on End-Users

On April 28, 2016, Tom Deas, Chairman of the National Association of Corporate Treasurers, testified on behalf of the Chamber at a House Agriculture Subcommittee hearing entitled “To Review the Impact of Capital Margin Requirements on End-Users.”  His testimony focused on capital and liquidity requirements and their impact on end-users.


International Financial Markets: A Diverse System is the Key to Commerce provides an overview of the global financial system and how it boosts economic growth, facilitates global trade, and provides opportunities to companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals. The report highlights and explains the importance of diversity in the international financial markets, and how the key attributes of the current system enhances stability and growth. 

Key To Commerce: The interactive infographic illustrates how main street businesses utilize the financial services industry to overcome the daily challenges faced by businesses owners around the world.


Key to Commerce
Key to Commerce


Survey: How Main Street Business Use Financial Services: Data gathered from more than 200 main street companies detailing how they use the capital markets. Main street businesses need a diverse capital formation system to support risk and liquidly management and capital/debt rising.

The Economic Consequences of The Volcker Rule examines the effect of the Volcker Rule on non-financial companies.