Financing the Growth Engine: Main Street Impact Stories

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Great Plains Energy l Kansas City Power & Light Company

Kansas City, MO


The electric power industry is one of the most capital intensive business sectors in the United States with 2015 capital expenditures totaling over $100 billion alone.  Easy access to the money market and capital market is essential for Kansas City Power & Light Company and other utility companies to continue to invest in the electric grid to ensure all Americans enjoy safe and reliable power for years to come.  We use working capital obtained under or supported by lines of credit provided by financial institutions to conduct daily operations then repay those funds with money raised through debt and equity offerings to permanently finance investments like needed generation facilities and transmission lines.  Without the help of Wall Street and banks our business would be impossible.  Unfortunately, banking and securities regulation advanced under Dodd-Frank, Basel III and Money Market Fund reforms have all combined to limit access to capital, restrict legitimate risk management tools and increase borrowing costs that will serve to limit future capital formation and increase the cost of electricity for everyone.  




​James Gilligan
Assistant Treasurer

Sams Carpet Cleaning and Repairs
St. Charles, MO
Several years ago we were looking to refinance our 17,850-square-foot building in order to save money that we could use to expand our customer base. By working closely withourbank and a Missouri State program, we were able to secure a loan that allowed us to lower our interest rate and generate more cash flow. This freed up additional funds to invest in technology, training, and expansion. For a small business like ours, the cost savings and extra capital came at a great time and allowed us to invest in updating our local business.
Jeff and Susan Sams

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 Quality Support, Inc.
Landover, MD

In 1989, after 21 years in the Marine Corps, I started Quality Support, Inc., with only $600, a small loan from my Dad...and a dream.  I did not even own a suit back then.  I worked day and night for a number of years and finally saw progress in the form of more and more contracts.  Our big break came when we were offered a very high level contract in the United Kingdom.  It was our credit card company that gave us a much needed line of credit that allowed us to take on this important contract in London and make it all work.  The contract put my company on the map and on a path to sustainable growth.  Without this financing, I’m not sure where we would be today.  I cannot thank our credit provider enough for what they did to support our small business in those early days.  After 26 years in business, Quality Support continues to operate successfully, in a very competitive and challenging environment.


Wayne Gatewood, Jr.

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Hilton Head, SC

My husband and I opened FACES DaySpa more than two decades ago and have watched it grow into a successful business. A couple years ago we wanted to expand by opening a new FACES Lash Studio. We prefer to own our facilities, rather than renting, so we needed to secure a mortgage from our bank for the property, as well as a loan to upfit the new space. We put together a business plan for FACES Lash Studio and negotiated a purchase price for the real estate. Over the years, FACES has built a close, supportive relationship with our bank which has watched our business grow and is familiar with the success of FACES Day Spa. As a result, we were able to secure both the mortgage and loan on agreeable terms that let us get the lash studio off the ground. Now the new business is thriving and has generated enough cash that it allowed us to pay off the upfit loan already. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for our bank, which continues to be a valuable and reliable partner for our small business.


Patricia Owen

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Viking Masek

Oostburg, WI

Our bank has been a key partner in Viking Masek's success over the last 16 years. When the company decided to transition from a sales organization to an integrated manufacturer in 2006, our bank provided the critical financing needed to purchase our facilities and then remained alongside us three years later when our continued growth required a new addition to our building. In addition to financing subsequent expansions, our bank has worked with us to develop a line of credit that has made our growth possible by allowing us to fund increased inventory and accounts receivable as our demand has grown. The close relationship we have built with our bank has been a key ingredient in the success of our business, which now employs more than 50 people.

Robert "RC" Huhn
Chief Financial Officer

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Cabeau, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

The Credit Junction has proven to be a great alliance for Cabeau as we expand our business to all new heights. Growth comes from a company’s capacity to grow. Our extreme sales growth requires us to invest in production purchases and The Credit Junction has been committed to giving us the tools needed for continued success. Our strategic partnership helps advance The Credit Junction’s promise to change the way we access our potential. This critical financial partnership allowed us to structure opportunities that fit our real time business needs and allowed us to grow our infrastructure, compete for new business and meet demands for future orders.

David Sternlight
Founder and CEO

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Wiener Realtors, Pinnacle Group

New York, NY

My father came from Lithuania in 1939, spoke no English, and had a few dollars in his pocket; he worked hard making teeth and biteplates for Boxers in the 1940s; saved all his money, and bought a small building in Brooklyn. He went on to purchase more properties, with the trust and assistance of certain bankers who believed this hard working immigrant who barely spoke English would succeed. I joined the business and with the relationship and help of that same bank, was able to expand our company. As just one example, I remember in the 1970’s my father needed to close on a property in Queens in 2 weeks since the seller was ill. The Bank accommodated him and accelerated their approval process to assist all parties.Now with my children working in the business, we must thank the bank for the trust they had in my Father.

Joel Wiener