J.D. Harrison

J.D. Harrison
Executive Director, Communications & Strategy

J.D. Harrison is the Executive Director for Communications & Strategy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where he leads a talented, cross-discipline communications team that helps advance the organization's programs, policy agenda, and pro-business mission. Specializing in digital marketing and advertising, editorial content, social media, and communications strategy, the team works with partners throughout the organization to plan and deliver an array of communications projects and campaigns. 

Harrison previously covered small business, entrepreneurship, and public policy for The Washington Post, where he helped launch and later managed the Post's On Small Business Blog. On Small Business was ranked by Forbes as one of the nation's must-read publications for small business owners. He previously covered startups and technology for Portfolio in New York.

Harrison is the co-author of Regulatory Hacking: A Playbook for Startups (Penguin Random House, 2018), a guide for entrepreneurs and innovators disrupting complex industries. Regulatory Hacking was named one of the 10 Best Business Books of 2018 by Inc.

Harrison is a native of Durham, North Carolina. He graduated from Wake Forest University before earning master's degrees from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.

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Here are just a few ways area companies are making a big impact locally and nationally.

Small Business Owner to Congress: ‘We Are Putting Tax Reform Savings to Work’

While tax reform put wind at small business owners’ backs, there’s still more work to be done.

‘We’re to the Breaking Point:’ New Tariffs Sow Seeds of Fear Across America’s Heartland

“We’d rather have trade. Any aid package, no matter what dollar amount, is a Band-Aid on an arterial bleed.”

‘A Really Bad Deal:’ These Iowa Farmers Are Getting Clobbered by Tariff Escalation

Retaliatory tariffs by China, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union threaten $977 billion in exports.

Small Business Owners Implore Congress to Invest in America’s Infrastructure

The stakes are too high to keep kicking the can down the road year after year.

Thanks to Tax Reform, These Small Businesses are Hiring, Investing, Growing

One month after the most significant federal tax overhaul in more than 30 years, small business is feeling the love. And investing it back.

Dear Washington: Messages from Main Street on the Power of Free Enterprise

During the first 100 days of this year, we embarked on a small business listening tour around the country. As part of #LetsGrow campaign, we visited entrepreneurs in their hometowns, sat down with small business owners during their visits to Washington, and listened to job creators during roundtables and congressional hearings to hear what they had to say.

Dear Washington: Messages from Main Street on Infrastructure

During the first 100 days of this year, we embarked on a small business listening tour around the country. As part of #LetsGrow campaign, we visited entrepreneurs in their hometowns, sat down with small business owners during their visits to Washington, and listened to job creators during roundtables and congressional hearings to hear what they had to say.

Dear Washington: Messages from Main Street on Health Care Reform

During the first 100 days of this year, we embarked on a small business listening tour around the country. As part of #LetsGrow campaign, we visited entrepreneurs in their hometowns, sat down with small business owners during their visits to Washington, and listened to job creators during roundtables and congressional hearings to hear what they had to say.

In Their Own Words: How D.C.'s Regulatory Machine Steamrolled 36 Small Businesses

In recent years, Washington has unleashed a relentless torrent of burdensome and costly regulations.

One-Two Punch: Minimum Wage Hike, Overtime Rule Drove This Restaurant Out of Business

Last September, Chicago entrepreneurs Mark Robertson and Mike Sullivan opened the doors to Cantina 1910 in the city’s Andersonville neighborhood, culminating two years of planning, recruiting and extensive construction. Complete with a rooftop farm and boasting one of the region’s rising stars on the culinary circuit, the owners’ ambitious farm-to-table restaurant offered traditional Mexican cuisine sourced from Midwestern ingredients. In fact, the majority of the ingredients used in the restaurant were sourced from small farms within 200 miles of the Windy City.

Trump and Clinton Seem to Be Struggling on Immigration. We Can Help.

Both candidates agree that the system is broken, but how they plan to fix it remains unclear. Let's talk about some ideas.

Donohue in Washington Post: Trump and Clinton Are Both Wrong About Trade

The Chamber's President and CEO explained why trade remains one of the best ways to grow the U.S. economy and create American jobs.

Dodd-Frank’s Domino Effect: Law Squeezes Small Banks, Which Squeezes Small Farms

"When we look at a loan, we’re now making a compliance decision, not a credit decision," a Kansas banker told Congress. "That’s wrong."

Emoji Explains: Why Our Roads, Highways and Bridges are Crumbling

Our nation’s roads, bridges and highways are crumbling. Here - with a little help from emojis - is how to fix them.

Does Your City Have What it Takes to Become the Next Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley was once little more than orchards and farmland. So where will the nation's next premier innovation hub emerge?

NuScale’s John Hopkins: New Chamber Chairman Ready for Next Big Challenge

He steps into the role at a critical juncture but is optimistic: “Politics can be divisive, but I think business brings people together.”

How 2 Mayors Mixed Sound Policy and Modern Technology to Address Infrastructure Problems

"We have to be more imaginative about how we get things done," one of them said.

How TPP Would Rev the Engine of America’s Automotive Small Businesses

"As we grow our export business, we’re able to hire more people here in Michigan," one small business executive explained.

Obama, Bush, Clinton and Reagan DOT Chiefs Agree: America’s Infrastructure Needs Urgent Attention

"It’s about more than concrete, asphalt and steel," one said of our infrastructure. "It ties us to everything that adds value to our lives."

Without Global Trade, Say Adios to Your Cinco de Mayo Margarita

Shaken, stirred, frozen... No matter how you take it, your margarita depends on trade. Don't believe me? Sip on these statistics.

House Tax Chairman Brady Outlines Tax Reform Timeline and Principles During U.S. Chamber Visit

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady says he hopes to release a blueprint for meaningful tax reform sometime in June.

Businesses in These States are Getting Hit Hardest by Federal Regulations

New environmental and financial regulations have absolutely clobbered businesses across the country, particularly those in these 10 states.

Philadelphia is Cultivating a Vibrant Startup Ecosystem — And It's Not Alone

Startup momentum is building in cities that you may not think to put in the same sentence with Silicon Valley.

Obama’s Right: Our Tax System is Deeply Flawed. But So Are His Plans To Fix It.

“Injustices in our tax system,” as the president said, are indeed driving businesses to leave the U.S. But not the injustices he thinks.

A Contracting Blacklist Would Undermine National Security and Economic Growth

The measures are the latest flawed attempt by lawmakers to push back against tax inversions. Here's what we should do instead.

Canadian Prime Minister: U.S.-Canada Bond Thrives on Trade and Innovation

“This is North America," the prime minister said at the U.S. Chamber. "We don’t fear the future, we invent it.”

The 2016 Election Has Left Innovators Asking: Where the Heck is Tech?

“It's a shame, because there’s no question this election will have a major impact on the technology sector," one expert says.

U.S. Chamber Foundation’s New Academy Will School Employers on Education

New graduates can't find jobs and employers can't find skilled candidates. Here's how we can start to fix both problems.

Obamacare’s List of Broken Promises to Small Businesses Keeps Growing

Harold Jackson has always taken pride in offering health insurance to his 20 employees. But "each year it gets harder and harder," he says.

SXSW Serves Reminder: American Innovation and Enterprise are Powerful Problem Solvers

On the campaign trail, we have heard that businesses are part of the problem. In Austin, we could see that the very opposite is true.

SXSW: How Government Leaders Can Sow Entrepreneurial Seeds Across America

Sens. Cornyn and Warner joined the U.S. Chamber's Amanda Eversole to talk innovation policy this week at SXSW.

Notice to Voters: EPA is Clobbering Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina

The agency has floated and finalized several rules recently that have had crippling effects on businesses in all five states.

A Sneak Peek at 8 of the Hottest Health Care Startups Heading to SXSW

Among them: New detection methods for lung cancer and dementia, a warehouse workforce safety system, and a DNA-altering computer program.

Three Things to Watch as the Transatlantic Trade Talks Accelerate

One looming question, for instance: What would a United Kingdom "Brexit" from European Union mean for the negotiations?

Dear 45: Postcards to the Next President from Super Tuesday Small Businesses

We asked small business owners to send a digital postcard to the next president. Here's what they had to say.

The Driverless Car Questions the U.S. Government Still Hasn’t Answered

U.S. officials have declared that the computer can be considered the "driver" of an autonomous car. Okay, so what's next?

House Small Biz Leader: Entrepreneurs Need These Three Things from Congress

Sure, the attention may be on the campaign trail. But that shouldn't stop lawmakers from taking steps to help small businesses this year.

What Life Would Be Like If Your Finances Were as Doomed as Our Country’s

Could you survive on $11 a day? Could you live on 80 cents per meal? Neither can our country, but that's where we're headed.

Washington’s Big Issues, as Explained by Taylor Swift and Other Grammy Artists

"Uptown Funk" offers an important lesson about entitlement reform. Don't believe me? Just watch...

U.S. Mayors: Trans-Pacific Partnership Holds Big Promise for Our Cities

"I can tell you in no uncertain terms that as mayors, these trade agreements mean jobs," one said last week.

Europe’s Data Flow Ruling Reverberates Beyond Safe Harbor, Demands Long-Term Solution

This isn't a problem we're going to fix with a short-term, patchwork approach. We need a long-term framework.

America's Farmers are Counting on Congress to OK Trans-Pacific Partnership

They're among those with the most to gain from the deal - and by extension, they have among the most to lose if Congress drags its feet.

Sixth Time’s A Charm: Republican Debate Shines Spotlight on Critical Business Issues

Let’s hope that the rest of the debates this year (for both parties) continue to shine the spotlight on these important issues.

U.S. Chamber’s Donohue: We’ll Fight Back Against White House’s 'Regulatory Tear'

The White House "put business on notice" on Wednesday. The Chamber's CEO served notice right back on Thursday.

Honey Maker at the State of the Union: TPP’s A Sweet Deal For Small Businesses

Ronna Rice, a special guest at the president's annual address to Congress, can speak to the benefits of global trade for small businesses.

How Our Economy Can Win the Powerball Lottery (Many Times Over) This Year

Sure, $1.5 billion is a lot of money. But it's pocket change compared to the windfall our country could see from these legislative actions.

Promises Kept and Broken: A Look Back at President Obama’s First State of the Union

One year into his presidency, Obama outlined his vision for the future of the country and the economy. Here's how those plans panned out.

Obama’s Final State of the Union: What American Businesses Hope to Hear

National security will be in the spotlight, and rightfully so. But businesses, the economy and job creation must be a focus, as well.

A $100 Billion Economic Bump: The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Not-So-Small Impact

One sixth of one percent? Sure, that sounds pretty small. But let's put that in context.

No Easy Street: How Regulations Curb the Success of America’s Street Vendors

In cities across the U.S., onerous and arbitrary rules are closing "an otherwise viable path to the American Dream," researchers say.

Tax Deal Winners: Small Businesses, Startups… Really, The Entire Economy

There's nothing small about the impact this year-end tax deal will have on small businesses.

Six Things Businesses Should Know (and Celebrate) About Congress’ Year-End Deal

As 2015 draws to a close, members of Congress found common ground on some key issues.

White House, NLRB Not on the Same Page Over Joint Employer Ruling

While business leaders have made their views on the ruling clear, the messages coming from the Obama administration have been anything but.

America’s Education System Shorts African-American Students, Study Shows

"Education equity is not a problem confined to one laggard state," researchers concluded. "It is a national problem.”

Could Your Company Run For A Year On One Month’s Revenue? Neither Can Our Country

We're now spending 77 cents of every tax dollar on entitlement programs. Soon, it will be 92 cents - and that's simply not sustainable.

His Small Business Builds Homes for Small Businesses. Congress Can Make it Easier.

Jason Duff knows a thing or two -- okay, just about everything there is to know -- about running a small business.

Holiday Checklist: Refuel Transportation Fund, Check. Revive Ex-Im Bank, Check.

A week after Black Friday, Washington served up its own 2-for-1 deal for the U.S. business community.

Chorus of Small Business Owners Slamming Retirement Rule Grows Louder

"I have a trusted advisor that has provided great service," a small employer told lawmakers. "This proposal puts all of that in jeopardy."

Main Street Needs More from Congress than Small Business Saturday Resolutions

Here are five steps lawmakers could take that would make for a much merrier holiday season for our country's small employers.

Why Your Thanksgiving Turkey, Yams and Apple Pie Depend on Tax Extenders

Those (blissfully stretchy) sweatpants many of us will change into after the feast? Yeah, there's a connection there, too.

Podcast: Frivolous Lawsuits More Than a Thorn in Small Businesses’ Side

In the latest episode of The Business Impact, we talk to coffee shop owner who knows all too well the effects of a poor legal system.

House, Senate, White House All Agree: Let’s Restart Ex-Im’s Engines

Any additional delays in reviving Ex-Im would represent political and bureaucratic gamesmanship of the worst variety.

Small Business Owners Descend on D.C. to Fight Disastrous Retirement Rule

The Department of Labor clearly hasn't been listening to small businesses. So the latter brought their message directly to Washington.

Democratic Debate’s Backdrop Serves as Reminder of Importance of Global Security

Securing our nation’s safety and ensuring its continued prosperity are very much interdependent.

Fantasy Debate: Draft Candidates, Score When They Tackle the Issues

Our country has been swept away by both presidential politics and fantasy football fervor. So why not blend them together?

Not Elected, Not Listening: Washington's New Regulatory System Fails Businesses

Federal regulators are increasingly shirking their legal responsibilities to collect and consider feedback from the business community.

Dear 45 Briefing Room: A Rundown of Washington’s Runaway Regulations

U.S. businesses are drowning in a never-ending stream of red tape, and they need their next president to stem the tide.

Dear 45 Briefing Room: A Heads Up on Health Care, Immigration and More

In order to break through the gridlock in Washington, our next president must be willing to work with (not around) lawmakers.

Dear 45 Briefing Room: Strengthening America's Bilateral Relationships

Our business leaders will look to the next president to build on progress in countries like Cuba, Kenya and India.

One Bill, Two Potentially Monumental Victories for American Businesses

Congress is on the cusp of tackling our transportation funding shortage and reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank - all in one fell swoop.

Congress Coming to Its Senses on Export-Import Bank; Time to Finish the Job

After leaving exporters in a lurch for the past three months, lawmakers are (finally) inching closer to reviving Ex-Im.

Only in Washington: Following DOL’s Rule Means Breaking SEC’s Rules

It’s hard enough navigating D.C.'s maze of regulations. It’s downright impossible when following one rule means breaking another.

How CISA Keeps Our Businesses Secure, Your Lights on, and Terrorists at Bay

The Islamic State has started hacking the U.S.'s electricity grid. CISA can help us stay one step ahead.

U.S., South Korea Set Sights on Trade-Fueled, Innovation-Fostering Relationship

One word, South Korea President Park Geun-Hye says, should guide the future of our two nations' relationship.

Quiz: Can You Tell Which Absurd Lawsuits Are Real and Which Are Fiction?

Did a woman sue Disney for stealing the "Frozen" plot from her life story, or did a man sue McDonald's for giving him only one napkin?

During Debate, Democratic Candidates Mum on One Critical Economic Issue

After one mention in the opening moments, there was radio silence on an enormously important issue for America's future: trade.

Small Business Under Siege: Congress Rips Overtime and Joint Employer Rules

In separate hearings this week, lawmakers took the NLRB and DOL to task for holding back small businesses.

Obama Presses Congress on Ex-Im, Infrastructure and Immigration

"Ex-Im Bank, getting TPP done, financing and executing on an infrastructure plan... these are not partisan issues," the president said.

Congress’s Ex-Im Battle Taking a Heavy Toll on American Businesses

As lawmakers continue to fight a political war over the agency, the casualty count - in this case, lost jobs - continues to climb.

Opportunities Abound for U.S., Colombian Companies as Relationship Strengthens

The U.S. Chamber and the State Department are preparing to lead an important trade mission to the country.

Health Law’s Small Group Expansion Leaves Construction Company in a Bind

Chris Lee’s company had a health plan that worked well for his firm and his employees. New rules in the health care law have changed all that.

In 5: Our Nation's Education Challenges Demand Smart Solutions

In our latest podcast, the Chamber's Cheryl Oldham discusses some of the challenges facing our education system, from varying school standards to a yawning skills gap.

How an Auto Supplier is Helping Manufacture America’s Future Workforce

Here's what can happen when proven supply chain principles are woven into the education and workforce development arenas.

Cyber Info Sharing Bills Help Guard (Not Gut) America's Privacy

Opponents of the legislation have one thing right: This has everything to do with keeping your private information safe and secure.

Her Small Business was Ready to Hire 100 More People. Then, Ex-Im Expired.

"If we don’t get Ex-Im back soon, there’s a very good chance we will lose these contracts to one of our competitors,” the firm's president says.

With Deadlines Looming, Where Should Congress Focus its Attention? You Decide.

Members of Congress this month are gathering feedback and direction from some of their constituents back home. Shouldn’t one of the voices they hear be yours?

Like His Wall, Trump’s High-Skill Immigration Plan Misses the Mark

The Republican presidential frontrunner's stance on H-1B visas is based on some flawed assumptions about our economy and our immigration system.

Working on the Future of Business

Today’s issues can be attacked with tomorrow’s solutions—and the workforce of the future. The Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) initiative explores ways to transform the relationship between educators, workers, and business leaders to ensure that America has the workforce it needs to compete in the 21st century.

Why the American Economy Needs a Renewed, Revamped EB-5 Regional Center Program

Slated to expire soon, the program has generated more than $5 billion dollars in foreign investment into the United States since 2005.

Startups Need Smarter Immigration, IP and Regulatory Policy in Washington

One of the nation’s most respected startup and entrepreneurship research organizations has some smart recommendations for Congress.

House Skips Town, Spurns Small Businesses by Prolonging Ex-Im’s Death

“The loss of credit means that we may have to stop growing our international business entirely," one small business owner says.

McCain: Our National Security Depends on the Pentagon’s Access to Innovation

"The Defense Department has grown larger but less capable, more complex but less innovative," McCain says. Here's how to fix that.

In Kenya, Opportunities and Optimism Surround Trade, Investment and Innovation

The country's emergence as an innovation hub shows what can happen with more foreign investment and trade promotion.

Why Trump’s U.S.-Mexico Wall Wouldn’t Solve America’s Immigration Problems

Whether or not it would be "easy" to build such a wall misses the point. What matters is that it wouldn't solve our immigration problems.

Emily’s Independence Day: Two Shingles, One American Dream

A conversation with her grandfather reminds Emily how lucky she is to live in a country that encourages risk-taking and entrepreneurship.

American Fire Truck Manufacturer Burned by Congress’ Ex-Im Failure

“If Ex-Im goes away, companies like us are going to be in trouble” one of the firm's executives says. "Employees will lose their jobs."

Small Business Leaders Commend Supreme Court for Curbing EPA’s Overreach

“Regulatory accumulation is crushing small businesses, hurting job growth and our nation's competitiveness,” one small business advocate says.

St. Andrews’ Beloved Bridge vs. America’s Beleaguered Bridges

During this week's British Open at St. Andrews, you'll see some much more pleasant bridge crossings than the ones you see here in the United States.

Transatlantic Trade Deal Offers an Opportunity for Regulatory Cooperation

"If done right, TTIP can dramatically improve the regulatory policymaking process on both sides of the Atlantic," one expert says.

Biden: Ukrainians, Americans Both Benefit From a Strong, Sovereign Ukraine

“Ukraine is at stake, but much more than Ukraine is at stake," the vice president told business and government leaders gathered at the Chamber on Monday.

Small Business Owners to Congress: Health Law Means More Headaches, Higher Costs

For many small employers, Obamacare has been a prescription for higher premiums and less certainty.

Support Flowing in from Businesses, Unions for Lifting Oil Export Ban

Nearly 40 years later, the ban has led to higher gas prices, lost jobs and billions in lost U.S. revenue. Sound like a rule worth keeping?

One Week Later, Ex-Im’s Expiration ‘Devastating to Small Exporters and Entrepreneurs’

Reviving the agency, one small business expert says, would "ensure that our nation’s small exporters have the tools they need to thrive.”

Video: SBA's Contreras-Sweet on Trade, Transportation and Technology

"All in all, these trade agreements really do add positively, powerfully to the small business community," the SBA Administrator says.

Here are the Jobs Congress Just Put in Jeopardy by Nixing the Ex-Im Bank

“It helps keep our folks working, it helps keep this place running," one small business owner says -- and he isn't alone.

United States and China Make Modest Headway on Agreements, but Challenges Linger

Not to dismiss the World Cup, but the most important meeting between the U.S. and China this week was in Washington.

Congress is About to Give China, Canada and Others an Edge Over America

"Unilateral disarmament is rarely a good idea, but this is precisely what refusing to reauthorize Ex-Im would accomplish," one expert says.

Why America's Truckers Want to Pay More for Gas (Hint: Look at our Roads)

“Congress must find the courage to admit what I believe it already knows,” the president of the industry's largest trade association told lawmakers.

Will OPM Breach Spur Senate Action on Cybersecurity Information-Sharing Legislation?

It will require a team effort for U.S. businesses and federal officials to stay ahead of cyber criminals. But that won't happen without sensible information-sharing protections.

A Small Business, a Symbolic Bridge and a National Transportation Crisis

The Memorial Bridge, which connects the District of Columbia to Northern Virginia, is falling.

How the U.S.’s Oil Export Ban is Clogging Up America’s Small Business Sector

"Basically, it kills jobs," one small business owner said of the nation's decades-old oil export ban.

Small Businesses Are Counting on Senators to Keep Standing Up for Trade

Members of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee seem to have listened when business owners talked about the importance of new trade agreements.

Q&A: Small Business Administrator Urges Congress to Pass Trade, Infrastructure Deals

We sat down with the SBA's Maria Contreras-Sweet to discuss what Washington can do to help America's small businesses.

Small Business Owners on Vine: Here's What We Want From Washington

We asked small business owners what they want from their leaders in Congress. Their answer? More trade, fewer regulations and a better tax system.

Gov. Christie: Here's How to Get Small Businesses, U.S. Economy Back on Track

“It's unacceptable,” the New Jersey governor said of Washington's heavy-handed regulations on U.S. businesses.

Chamber’s Donohue: Small Businesses Need More Trade, Fewer Regulations

The U.S. Chamber's CEO outlines one of the most critical problems facing the American economy -- and what policymakers can do to fix it.

Texas Businesses Depend on the Export-Import Bank. Why Aren’t Perry, Hensarling Listening?

It’s said that everything is bigger in Texas -- and that’s certainly true of the stakes in the fight over the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im).

House Small Business Leaders Agree: Main Street Needs Better Bridges and Roads

House Republicans and Democrats both laud the importance of building better infrastructure and transportation systems for America's small businesses.

Chamber’s Ex-Im Message on the Hill and Beyond: ‘It’s indispensable’ for Small Businesses

“For these small businesses, Ex-Im isn’t just nice to have,” John Murphy said. “It’s indispensable.”