Jodi Hanson Bond

Former Senior Vice President, Americas

Jodi Hanson Bond is former senior vice president of the Americas, International Affairs Division.

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What Rules of Origin Mean for North American Competitiveness

[This is part of an ongoing series entitled “Modernizing NAFTA,” which examines the importance of modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and it's critical impact on jobs, economic prosperity, and trade. Stay tuned as negociations unfold.]

For U.S. Travelers, Trips to Cuba Should Mean More Than "Cash Only"

Carnival cruise ship docked in Havana earlier this month, the first U.S. cruise in decades. Airlines are expected to begin direct Miami-Havana flights this fall. And since the U.S. and Cuban governments began the process of normalizing relations in December of 2014, U.S. visitors to the island nation have more than doubled.

Seeking Action as Public-Private Dialogue Takes Center Stage in the Americas

When we face common challenges in an interconnected world, we expect responsible governments to come together to pursue collective action. The private sector is a necessary part of the global coalition of problem-solvers, but has not always been at the table. In the Americas we are experiencing the progressive transformation of the private sector’s role in public policy dialogue: from the margin to the main, from supplemental to essential. On the eve of the U.S.-Central America-Caribbean Energy Summit, we see the trajectory of this transformation accelerating.

Panama and Colombia: Doubling Down on Trade and Diplomacy

Trade mission will underscore U.S. public and private sector commitment to economic diplomacy and development in both countries.