Jodi Hanson Bond

Former Senior Vice President, Americas

Jodi Hanson Bond is former senior vice president of the Americas, International Affairs Division.

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When Being COOL Costs Jobs: Retaliation by Canada & Mexico Puts U.S. Workers at Risk

U.S. Chamber is calling on Congress to repeal the Country of Origin Labeling rule for meat now.

Another Blow to Investor Confidence and the Rule of Law in Ecuador

In Ecuador, unlawful expropriations and contract violations have cost U.S. investors hundreds of millions of dollars.

7th Summit of the Americas – The Case for Growth

Heads of state from around the hemisphere will soon convene in Panama to interact with one another while also engaging regional thought leaders in areas such as higher education, youth development and women’s empowerment.

Report: U.S. Leadership in Foreign Policy Begins in North America

Calls for U.S. engagement in the myriad crises spanning the globe will never cease, but responding to them should never come at the expense of our commitment to our own neighborhood