Joe Trauger

Vice President, Human Resources Policy

Joe Trauger is vice president of human resources policy at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). In this capacity, Mr. Trauger serves as the senior lobbyist before Congress and the Administration on a wide range of human resources issues, including health care, immigration, education and training, workplace safety and labor management.

Prior to joining the NAM, Mr. Trauger operated his own consulting practice - Joe Trauger (JT) Consulting - which specialized in health care issues. He also worked at the Healthcare Distribution Management Association, where he managed the federal lobbying team, and previously served as senior vice president for The Federalist Group, where he managed the health care practice.

Mr. Trauger has more than 10 years of experience on Capitol Hill. He served for a U.S. senator and several representatives, including nearly four years in House leadership as the principal health advisor in the majority leader and majority whip offices. He also worked with the House Energy and Commerce Committee, House Ways and Means Committee, Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and Senate Finance Committee. He has effectively worked for associations and corporations with varying business and political needs and has successfully secured introduction of bipartisan legislation, developed amendment strategies, built coalitions and directed fundraising efforts on behalf of his clients and employers. Mr. Trauger earned his B.A. in political science from Minnesota State University - Mankato.


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