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Coordinator, Global Intellectual Property Center

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India’s Rising Tide of Innovation

As Prime Minister Modi returns home after this historic trip, we urge the Indian government to listen to the chorus of voices calling for stronger IP protection and commit to both a substantive dialogue with the U.S. and a commitment to updating India’s IP policy to protect both India’s innovators and investors alike.

From Colds to Gold: The Innovative Future of Latin American Entrepreneurs

While the eyes of the world are on Latin America, we hope nations and companies alike will continue to strengthen their IP protections and further sustainable growth in Latin America, transforming into true knowledge-based economies.

Good Sportsmanship in IP

From the Brazilian government’s preparation for the event to the new innovations that made the World Cup possible, there were certainly no red cards in the game of IP, proving that when the private and public sector work as teammates, the victors can be both the athletes on the field and those whose IP was safeguarded.

Counterfeiters Sow the Seeds of Poverty

Imagine putting your time and back-breaking labor into crops, only to have them fail to yield food? That’s what is happening in African communities, and it’s not because of the soil quality, the level of rain, or the lack of laborers. Recent reports indicate that Ugandan’s farmers’ crops and livelihood have been decimated due to counterfeit seeds.