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Learn.Save.Retire is a U.S. Chamber initiative designed to advance bipartisan support for steps to make it easier for small businesses to offer retirement plans and enable middle-class savers to better plan for their future.  As part of this initiative, the Chamber is advocating for a fiduciary duty rule that doesn’t limit access to affordable retirement advice or retirement products.   

Fiduciary Duty: Assessing the Real World Impact

CCMC, along with several other trade associations, have been collecting data regarding the Fiduciary Rule's impact on investors and the marketplace. This event discusses the new research and data showing that the rule is not working as intended and having adverse effects on Americans' ability to save for their future. 

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The U.S. Chamber Releases New Study on the Impact of DOL's Fiduciary Rule

Conducted with 14 Financial Advisory firms that oversee over 25 million investment accounts, the study shows the impact partial implementation of the rule has had on retirment investors.





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The Fiduciary Fallout Visualized

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Stakeholder Research

Key stakeholders have surveyed the financial industry, who serve millions of retirment accounts, to determine the real world impacts of the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Duty Rule.

You can download recent research on the Fiduiciary Rule here:

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA)

Financial Services Roundtable (FSR) 

Insured Retirement Institute (IRI)

The Financial Services Institute (FSI)


Recent Action

State Auto-IRA Rule Radio Spot


The Data Is In: The Fiduciary Rule will Harm Small Retirement Savers 

In April 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL or Department) finalized its controversial and long-awaited “Fiduciary Rule,” a sweeping expansion of government authority that fundamentally disrupts the way in which Americans save for retirement. Throughout the rulemaking process, the U.S. Chamber warned that the Fiduciary Rule was built upon a mountain of flawed data and analysis, and would harm the very people it was purported to protect by raising costs and limiting investment options. 

The Fiduciary Rule Will Harm Small Retirement Savers - Infographic




401(k) Plans: Opportunities and Challenges for Small Business   

This U.S. Chamber retirement white paper takes a look at what it takes for a business to start a 401(k) today and why we need to simplify small business retirement plans, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges faced by entrepreneurs as they look to provide high-quality benefits for their employees and enable savings for their future.





State Auto-IRAs: The Wrong Answer

This U.S. Chamber retirement white paper outlines the ways state auto-IRAs will hurt the small business workers they are supposed to help and highlights how workers benefit from strengthened and expanded employer-provided plans. It details why state auto-IRAs are the wrong answer; looks at problems presented by state auto-IRAs; and provides alternatives for improving access to employer provided plans.




Securing America's Retirement: A Legislative Roadmap

This U.S. Chamber report details policy solution proposals Congress can act on to achieve better retirement security for workers. It’s focus is on strengthening the voluntary employment-based retirement benefits system and enhancing retirement security for workers, while proposing solutions to address the evolving demands of our country’s workforce—an important and pressing issue that policymakers will need to tackle in 2017.