National Summit on Equality of Opportunity


This  event will begin at 12:00 noon.


The U.S. Chamber compiled research to show the magnitude of opportunity gaps in six key areas. This data has informed our work as we continue to pursue targeted, data-driven, and sustainable solutions that will help deliver the American promise of equal opportunity to all.

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All Americans should have the opportunity to earn their success, rise on their merit, and live their own American Dream.

But far too often, the opportunity to obtain an education, secure a job, start a business, and provide for your family is determined by your skin color. These systemic inequalities hurt individuals, communities, our economy, and our society.

Recently, the Chamber convened the National Summit on Equality of Opportunity, where leaders from across the private and public sectors discussed solutions to some of the underlying challenges driving inequality of opportunity for Black Americans in four critical areas: education, employment, entrepreneurship, and the criminal justice system.

This historic virtual event kicked off the Equality of Opportunity Initiative, through which the U.S. Chamber has partnered with more than 500 chambers and associations across the country to pursue policy and private sector solutions to bridge underlying racial divides that contribute to broader, systemic inequalities in our society.

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