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America's Opioid Crisis: Our commitment to Real Solutions

Just as there is no single cause and no single party responsible for the opioid epidemic, there is no single solution.

America's Opioid Crisis: Our commitment to Real Solutions

Successfully combatting the opioid epidemic requires contributions from numerous stakeholders, including: insurers, physicians, federal regulatory agencies, law enforcement, businesses, and local communities.

It also requires a broad range of policy changes, including:

  1. Expanding access to treatment
  2. Revising existing prescribing practices
  3. Expediting non-addictive alternatives for pain management
  4. Increasing the interdiction of illegal narcotics

Our Commitment

In 2018, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation convened leaders from government, nonprofits and industry to identify and pursue solutions to this national crisis.

Since then, we have been pleased to see many of these ideas incorporated into the nearly 100 pieces of legislation that have been introduced in Congress.

A United Effort

The business community also has much to contribute to fighting this scourge – and companies across the country are stepping up. From employers promoting National Drug Take Back Day to insurers and pharmacy companies limiting the duration of prescription opioids to distributors ensuring that prescription opioids are not diverted to illegal uses, the business community is committed to helping solve this crisis.

In an effort to help business owners who are struggling to find a way to address prescription drug misuse among their employees and families, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation launched Sharing Solutions – a one-stop online resource hub to help the business community combat the opioid crisis.

In addition to employer resources, Sharing Solutions shares best practices of companies taking action to address the crisis through changes in business processes, employee engagement, applying core competencies, and community engagement. The interactive site includes engagement functionality so that users can truly share their solutions and build on available resources as a community. We know there is more to do and we stand ready to help.

We urge Congress to commit to addressing the totality of our nation's opioid epidemic—and to do so without delay.

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