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Rally for Recovery

Join employers across the nation helping to protect workers and defeat the pandemic.

Rally for Recovery

America's business community plays a critical role in combating the pandemic. Now that safe and effective vaccines are available, every business must rally around a common goal: accelerate vaccinations, reopen safely, and defeat the pandemic.

Employers across the country are taking vital steps to get the country back to health—and we are committed to providing you the expert guidance and resources you need to get the job done. Join the Rally for Recovery today.

Together we can—and we will—defeat the pandemic.

The Rally For Recovery Commitment

The Rally For Recovery Commitment

Our company or organization is doing and will continue to do our part to help protect our employees, customers and communities; reignite the economy; and defeat the pandemic.

Take the Pledge

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Why join?

  1. Receive the latest expert guidance and clear, actionable employer resources directly to your inbox.
  2. Get help protecting your employees, informing your customers, and supporting your local community.
  3. Show publicly that your company is doing its part to defeat the pandemic and reignite the economy.

Example Steps Employers Can Take

  • Wear masks in the workplaceRequire masks and social distancing to protect workers and customers, provide masks and safe OSHA-compliant workplaces.
  • Reduce barriers to vaccinationsDevelop a plan to help your employees get vaccinated, set goals for workforce vaccinations, or provide incentives for employees to get vaccinated.
  • Communicate with your customers and communitiesHelp amplify guidance from the CDC and local health agencies about masking and vaccinations on your products, properties, and website.

Join the movement. Reignite the economy. Defeat the pandemic.

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