Martin Regalia

Former Chief Economist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Martin A. Regalia was senior vice president for economic and tax policy and chief economist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce until his retirement in 2016.

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Better Outlook, Worse Policies

The president in his State of the Union Address and in a recent op-ed declared that the recovery is complete and that the U.S. economy had achieved a sustainable level of growth.

Senators to Burger King: You Can’t ‘Have it Your Way’ on Taxes

Sen. Dick Durbin is not pleased with Burger King’s potential move to the great white north.

“Two Buck Chuck” May Be a Great Deal for Wine Consumers But It Is Bad Tax Policy

It would be better to deal with inversion, earnings stripping and other international issues in the context of comprehensive tax reform.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I have rarely been criticized for being overly optimistic or irrationally exuberant, preferring as I often do, to see the glass as half empty, when I can see it at all. But I still think this economy has what it takes to accelerate moderately and establish a sustainable recovery. The key to this forecast is balance, which has been absent thus far.