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Michael Marinaccio

Senior Digital Director

Michael Marinaccio is Senior Digital Director at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, overseeing their online publication “Above the Fold” and working to modernize the Chamber’s digital platforms.

Before joining the U.S. Chamber, Michael helped take over the U.S. Senate in 2014 on Thom Tillis’s campaign in North Carolina. After, he worked closely with several top senate races to hold the Senate majority in 2016 as Creative Director at the National Republican Senatorial Committee. He oversaw a small team that executed design, video production, and rapid response.

Michael previously worked for Chairman Bill Shuster on the House Transportation Committee. He led the effort to rebrand the committee under a new chairman with a new logo, website, and communications strategy, including being the first committee to stream live to YouTube and hold a joint Twitter Townhall with a department Secretary (that trended nationally).

In 2012, Michael worked as a fundraiser for Rep. Cory Gardner, Rep. Jason Smith, Rep Jo Ann Emerson, and Sen. Jon Kyl, as well as for their respective leadership PAC’s. Little known fact: he helped design the second revision of Heritage Action’s widely feared scorecard as an intern in 2011. Michael received a B.A. from Coastal Carolina University and hails from South Carolina. He currently lives in Virginia with his wife Libby.

Michael also freelances, consults, and writes on technology frequently at The-Politic.com.

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