Leadership Council

The Leadership Council at the Native American Enterprise Initiative (NAEI) will be composed of major tribes and tribal enterprises. The council will serve as the governing body of the initiative.

Core Functions

  • Hold quarterly meetings.
  • Identify and guide the NAEI legislative agenda.
  • Develop strategy for advocacy with Congress, executive branch agencies, and other government entities.
  • Direct and prioritize the work of the Chamber staff dedicated to the NAEI agenda.
  • Have ready access to the senior vice president of Congressional and Public Affairs and Chamber staff for consultation on NAEI initiatives and other business-related concerns.

The initiative will contain additional membership tiers at reduced investment levels for tribes that wish to participate but will not be involved in setting policy priorities.

Drawing on the Chamber’s vast resources and long-standing track record of impacting public policy, the council expects to bring new energy to developing lasting solutions to Native American issues.

NAEI will enable tribes to expand and deepen their reach beyond traditional tribal organizations and ultimately become far more integrated into business community priorities.

The Leadership Council will determine NAEI’s participation and coordination with other Native American advocacy organizations and coalitions.

As the Leadership Council develops a cohesive set of policy priorities, NAEI will enable tribes to fight on a level playing field when opposing burdensome and onerous regulations, regulatory policy, proposed rulemakings, and other agency action.

NAEI will provide opportunities to network with the business community and will help strengthen participating tribes’ ties to and collaboration with state and local chambers of commerce.

For more information please contact Dan Mahoney at dmahoney@uschamber.com.