The pandemic has dramatically changed things for individuals in the sports industry, from local community leagues to professional athletes. In these videos, we look at new ways athletes are engaging with fans and how the experience of "the big game" looks different for everyone.

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4 Business Insights from NBA Legend and Entrepreneur Isiah Thomas

October 28, 2021

NBA champion and entrepreneur Isiah Thomas shares his experiences as a businessman, investor, and philanthropist, and emphasizes the importance of ethics in business.

Diversity & Inclusion

How Washington Football Team's Jason Wright Is Tackling Inequality

June 23, 2021

Jason Wright of the Washington Football Team shares three leadership and equality insights for a more inclusive business world.

U.S. Chamber Foundation

The Future of Sports: How the Roles of Athletes, Fans and Industry Businesses Will Change After COVID-19

October 02, 2020

Many live sporting events are now played in front of empty stadiums. Here are three ways the sports industry is being changed by the coronavirus