How to Chart a Sustainable Path to Global Recovery

Executives from Solvay and Rolls-Royce North America discussed how to reduce global carbon emissions and transform the global economy while bolstering the global recovery.

Air Date: May 19, 2021

Moderator: Justin Worland, Senior Correspondent, TIME

Featured Guests: Dr. Ilham Kadri, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Executive Committee, Solvay, Tom Bell, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Rolls-Royce North America

Companies all over the globe are working to implement sustainable solutions that will help reduce carbon emissions. During the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Global Forum on Economic Recovery, Dr. Ilham Kadri, CEO and President of Solvay, and Tom Bell, CEO and Chairman for Rolls-Royce North America, addressed multi-prong approaches to becoming good corporate citizens that are embracing innovation and technology. Part of this will rely on new energy and fuel sources at scale and part of this will require government partnerships that will attract more investment.

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