Chamber Exec Joins Task Force on Future of U.S. Immigration Policy | U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Exec Joins Task Force on Future of U.S. Immigration Policy

Wednesday, September 24, 2003 - 8:00pm

WASHINGTON, D.C. - United States Chamber of Commerce Vice President for Labor, Immigration and Employee Benefits Randel Johnson has accepted an invitation from the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations to serve on their task force examining U.S. immigration policy.

The Chicago Council Immigration Task Force, which held its first meeting this week, is one of the first major attempts to bring public leaders in the immigration debate together to discuss the key opportunities and challenges of immigration to the United States post- September 11.

"America's international trade and commerce with the rest of the world rely on the ability of people to travel to and from the United States," Johnson said. "It is essential that America's immigration system both operate in an efficient and predictable manner and meet national security concerns to maintain these relationships and sustain our economy."

The task force will examine and make recommendations on topics such as the impact of immigration on national and regional economies, the security dimensions of immigration and globalization, undocumented workers and the restructuring of U.S. immigration agencies. The task force will gather its findings and recommendations and issue a report to be published in the spring or summer of 2004.

"Despite fluctuations in the U.S. employment rate, the fact of the matter is our domestic labor pool continues to shrink," Johnson said. "We need to ensure that our immigration policy reflects this reality and provides opportunities for employers to fill jobs critical to our economy when American workers are not available."

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