U.S. Chamber Advocates Passage of China Permanent Normal Trade Relations | U.S. Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Chamber Advocates Passage of China Permanent Normal Trade Relations

Sunday, January 9, 2000 - 7:00pm

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States Chamber of Commerce strongly favors a swift vote on permanent Normal Trade Relations with China, as part of the trade deal negotiated last year, and applauds the Administration's plan to provide greater support on this issue.

"The Chamber welcomes the Administration's announcement that they will aggressively pursue early congressional action on permanent NTR for China," said Thomas Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

"Commerce Secretary Bill Daley and White House Deputy Chief of Staff Steve Ricchetti's appointment to the President's task force on China NTR will be a valuable addition to the business community's efforts on Capitol Hill," said Donohue.

The U.S.–China trade deal is a major victory for American consumers and business, according to the Chamber. It lowers barriers and tariffs for a variety of American goods and services and brings China into the rules-based community of trading nations.

"The U.S.–China trade deal is a landmark opportunity to open up China's vast market to American companies of all sizes, while ensuring that China abides by international rules and regulations," said Donohue. "The Chamber will make sure Congress understands that lower trade barriers and tariffs mean new opportunities for businesses, more jobs, better wages and economic growth."

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