U.S. Chamber Statement on Chairman Smith's E-Verify Legislation

Monday, June 13, 2011 - 8:00pm

WASHINGTON D.C.—U.S. Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President of Labor, Immigration, and Employee Benefits Randy Johnson, issued the following statement today in support of the “Legal Workforce Act,” introduced by Rep. Lamar Smith, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee:

“The Chamber commends Chairman Smith for introducing a new E-Verify bill that has strong preemption language for state and local laws mandating the use of E-Verify or establishing state or local employment verification schemes, mirrors the existing FAR rules for federal contractors using E-Verify on current workforce, and establishes a fully electronic employment verification obligation with a clear safe harbor for employers that act in good faith.

“While some concerns and technical issues may arise as the bill is subject to hearings and line by line analysis, this legislation represents a legitimate balancing of many competing interests. We hope to continue to work with the Chairman to resolve any impediments to passage as the legislation moves forward.

“The Chamber believes a workable employment verification system addresses only one part of our nation’s dysfunctional immigration system in need of reform. It is our hope that Congress can also move legislation concerning other aspects of immigration reform, recognizing that compromises will be necessary.”

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