C_TEC Working Groups

2018 C_TEC Working Groups


Autonomous Vehicle:  (focus areas--autonomous vehicles, smart cities, consumer/ policymaker education)To educate policymakers, regulators, the media, consumers and the business community about the benefits of automated technologies; advocate for rational federal requirements that encourage innovation, research and development, and technology growth; and conduct a consumer campaign socializing autonomous vehicles to incentivize adoption.

STAFF CONTACT: Jordan Crenshaw (jcrenshaw@uschamber.com | 202.463.5632)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS): (focus areas--UAS, economic impact of UAS across industry, consumer/policymaker education)To educate the public and policymakers about UAS'—how they are used and why they are important and support policies that enhance C_TEC members’ ability to operate UAS’ in the US.

STAFF CONTACT: Julie Stitzel (jstitzel@uschamber.com | 202.463.5339)

New Economy: (focus areas--tech's impact on workforce, portable benefits, economic impact of new economy on local communities)To explore issues and dynamics of  tech marketplace models in the sharing, gig and on-demand economies and their impact on workforce; identify the skills and retraining needed to account for these shifting dynamics in order to prepare American workers to compete in the 21st century; educate legislators and consumers about technology’s impact on work; and advocate for policies that endorse the innovative nature of the new economy to support individuals and the communities where they live.

STAFF CONTACT: Julie Stitzel (jstitzel@uschamber.com | 202.463.5339)

Telecommunications & E-commerce Policy Committee: (focus areas--cloud, data privacy, net neutrality, broadband) To educate policymakers, consumers, and businesses on the value of the digital economy and the elements necessary to power e-commerce such as data and connectivity and to advocate for policies that enable online and broadcast commerce to thrive.

STAFF CONTACT: Jordan Crenshaw (jcrenshaw@uschamber.com | 202.463.5632)