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Transportation Performance Index

How Well Is Your Business Being Served?

The Transportation Performance Index measures how well our transportation systems—surface, air, and water—are meeting the demands of the nation and quantifies the impact on the economy.

Visit “TPI Central” to review the report, and the Chamber’s recommendations to improve supply, quality of service, and capacity to handle future growth. The next release of the report is scheduled for September 2013.

The What’s the Latest?

For breaking blog posts on current events, please visit www.freeenterprise.com/infrastructure.  You’ll read the latest Chamber commentary on everything that floats, flies and rolls.

What is Let’s Rebuild America?

Launched in 2007, the U.S. Chamber-led Let’s Rebuild America (LRA) initiative is the Chamber’s response to America’s infrastructure challenge—keep up with what the business community demands or U.S. economic productivity and global competitiveness will suffer. Chaired by Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue, LRA advocates for the need to maintain, modernize, and expand our nation’s infrastructure.

How Can the Business Community Step UP?

You can help modernize our infrastructure and grow the economy:

  • Paying more in user fees and taxes
  • Investing up to $250 billion in public-private partnership capital
  • Bring together the latest technology and management practices
  • Build support for smart investment

Investing in the future of America – How P3s can rebuild America’s infrastructure and be a centrepiece of economic growth.

Right now the Chamber has undertaken three major projects to help the business community recognize and articulate the need for greater investment in our nation’s transportation infrastructure.  Check them out below:

Blueprint for Investing in America’s Infrastructure

The Blueprint for Investing in America’s Infrastructure is designed to promote the voice of American businesses and effectively communicate how a national infrastructure business strategy will lower operating costs, increase profitability, mitigate logistical challenges, and provide a catalyst for investment. We will make the “business case” for a forward-looking, funded federal approach to a critical piece of America’s broader strategy for economic growth—infrastructure.

If you are interested in sharing your story and helping us build the business case, please contact Christina Atchley at catchley@uschamber.com or 202-463-5358.

Waterways Work for America: 50 State Fact Sheets

America’s marine transportation system transports hundreds of commodities across the United States and to deep water ports for exports, supporting 10 million jobs. However, it is hampered with delays caused by a lack of federal funding, threatening U.S. competitiveness and job creation. Waterways Work for America presents 50 state fact sheets highlighting the importance and contributions of the system to American supply-chains and the economic vitality of the United States. Find out what waterways contribute to your state.

If you are interested in sharing your story and helping us build the business case, please contact Christina Atchley at catchley@uschamber.com or 202-463-5358.

Water Is Your Business

Water is Your Business Campaign

Population growth is straining the U.S. water infrastructure. In California, for example, a water delivery system designed to supply 18 million people now struggles to serve 38 million, with an additional 12 million anticipated by 2040. The Water is Your Business Campaign is a Chamber effort in conjunction with the National Association of Water Companies. The Campaign focuses on a single goal: the recruitment and engagement of local business and community leaders on the importance of water infrastructure investment.
If you are interested in participating in the campaign, check out our website: www.waterisyourbusiness.org.