The Native American Enterprise Initiative - Unifying Principles

The Native American Enterprise Initiative (NAEI) is located at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and seeks to advance the interests and economic successes of tribal enterprises and entrepreneurs across Indian County through the following actions: 

  • Pursue determined advocacy for economic development causes using the highest ethical and professional standards. 
  • Approach advocacy in a bipartisan and constructive manner. 
  • Advocate for the spirit of entrepreneurship and free enterprise that are core to the Chamber’s mission and pursue issues in energy, taxation, workforce relations, the environment, trade, and foreign direct investment that advance this economic development cause. 
  • Tailor NAEI’s legislative agenda to attain accomplishable goals that further the economic interests of our members and Native Americans across the country. 
  • Seek consensus among NAEI membership and with the broader Native American community. 
  • Seek to amplify the voice of Native American interests in Washington and work with existing tribal organizations to further NAEI’s collective work. 
  • Build bridges between the Native American business community and Chamber membership so that both benefit from the opportunities, experiences, and values of the other. 
  • Be agile and flexible to reflect the diversity of issues facing Indian Country and be positioned to capitalize on the new economic dynamism found among tribes and tribal businesses. 


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